Research takes many forms, and the Wells Haslem Mayhew team is trained in using both qualitative and quantities data gathering tools (audits; perceptions surveys; omnibus surveys; discreet intelligence gathering; social media listening; media monitoring; Meltwater platform; desktop research - Boolean searching).

Our research tools can provide various insights, for example:

  • Audits can assess the effectiveness of a client’s current internal and external communications efforts.
  • Perception surveys can provide a client with insight into what politicians, bureaucrats and other significant stakeholders think of them.
  • Omnibus surveys: Can paint a national picture and provide statistics for news hooks.
  • Social media listening: A social media audit, followed by optimisation and listening provides clients with real-time and historical data, allows them to:
    • benchmark against themselves and their competitors;
    • track their campaigns in real-time; and
    • provide reports to show impact.

Wells Haslem Mayhew has undertaken a broad range of research projects for clients ranging from financial services, to NFP and mining. Often, this work is conducted to find out what a client’s key stakeholders are thinking and saying about them. From there, clients can develop a highly targeted communications strategy.

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