Despite the best planning, crises do occur. Wells Haslem Mayhew’s recommendation is do not wait for a public relations crisis; have a strategy in place and always have your team prepared.

Our crisis plans are designed to protect and defend an individual or organisation that is facing a public challenge to its reputation. We work closely with our client to mitigate the damage to the organisation’s reputation during this pressing time.

The starting point is a plan, followed by at least one crisis simulation. 

By creating innovative and challenging crisis simulations, we provide participants with a realistic sense of their roles and responsibilities during a crisis and help to reveal blind spots.

These scenarios enable clients to pilot new ideas, test a new plans, and rehearse an existing plans in realistically simulated circumstances.

Once a crisis takes hold, Wells Haslem Mayhew is in the war room with our client, working hand-in-hand to manage the crisis in real-time.

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