Wells Haslem: Changes in leadership

Welcome to the first edition of our magazine, The Shell for 2017 – our Autumn edition.

All the members of the team are working on a range of new and exciting projects. 

A very important shift has taken place at Wells Haslem and is the subject of this edition. We are now Wells Haslem Mayhew.

For a long time I have thought that the range and diversity of the work within the company required a subtle change in our leadership. While Ben has done a great job in helping guide the company to success over our initial five years, Alexandra has played no small part in its initial success.

Therefore the three partners have agreed that Alexandra will become joint CEO with Ben. I will remain chairman and continue to work full time with the rest of the team at Wells Haslem Mayhew.

Alexandra’s elevation is a good move for the company, it’s a great move for our clients and demonstrates that we reward ability and commitment.

Alexandra, along with Ben and I have helped grow the business to the point it is now, and even more importantly, has built strong and enduring client relationships.

At a time when we are making adjustments to the leadership, we are also moving from Neutral Bay to North Sydney. We have rented our own dedicated office in Walker Street and will take over our new digs towards the end of April.

Just a short walk to North Sydney station, everyone will be able to catch the train to work. The new office has plenty of room for growth, and will get a new lick of paint and some flash office furniture…courtesy of Alexandra's design skills.

Since our last edition where we touched on the US election, Donald Trump has been elected. One of our IPREX partners, Cincinnati-based NICK VEHR has provided a great overview of Trump’s election win and its impact on the US.

The past six months have been both hectic and exciting for Wells Haslem. 

We have worked closely with a range of clients including British American Tobacco (BATA) on trying to have e-cigarettes regulated, James Hardie on Asbestos Injuries related  disease; the AICF which pays compensation to legitimate claims with Asbestos injuries. We're also helping: the team at DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club prepare for a very major redevelopment; the ATO on a range of projects; public company Ingenia Communities which is seeking to redevelop another caravan park site for older Australian seeking a community-style retirement.

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Thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement.

I hope you enjoy reading edition nine of The Shell, we've enjoyed putting it together for you.