Welcome to the spring edition of Wells Haslem’s magazine, The Shell. 

First, I’d like to thank the members of my team for all of their hard work.

Our cover story looks at our campaign to create access to medicinal cannabis to treat chronically-ill patients. We are helping our new client MGC Pharmaceuticals navigate the halls of Parliament to ensure better health options and outcomes for Australians (Isabelle Walker p.3).

Everywhere you look around the world the political climate is changing dramatically. The UK has decided, against the polls, to exit Europe. Britain has a new Prime Minister, untested but already looking very strong and capable. Theresa May is the second woman to run the UK Conservative Party in the past 35 years (our European IPREX partner, Cambre, has provided perspective on this p.13). In America, the Presidential campaign is hotting up with the political establishment candidate Hillary Clinton against the renegade from the right – Donald Trump – who probably cost himself the Presidency recently by attacking a Muslim family whose son died fighting for America. Donald, a real bad move. If that is the extent of your judgement, maybe you should not be President. But the Yanks will decide shortly (Isabelle Walker p.16).

And at home Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition has just scraped back into office by the skin of its teeth. Fortunately for the Government, Tony Abbott had a successful campaign in 2013 and won such a big majority, or Mr Turnbull would be out of a job. That’s the long and short of it. Reality hurts. (Hear about five things we learned from the Federal Election by Julie Sibraa p.10).

The past six months have been both hectic and exciting for Wells Haslem.
One of our more rewarding clients, The Smith Family, was provided a major funding lift during the election campaign -$48m - for its marvellous program “Learning for Life” for disadvantaged students (see how we achieved this on p.5).

We spent an enormous amount of time working with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems on the project to develop new submarines for the Australian Navy. tkMS is regarded as the leading designer and builder of conventional submarines in the world. However, the government decided the French should have the design contract after a three-way beauty parade between Germany, Japan and France. Keep an eye on this one. 

We have worked closely with a range of clients including helping: the team at DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club prepare for a very major redevelopment; the ATO on a range of projects; public company Ingenia Communities which is seeking to redevelop another caravan park site for older Australian seeking a community style retirement.

The past six months of this calendar year have been very strong for Wells Haslem and we are encouraged by the start of 2016 financial year. We continue to strengthen great relationships with our existing client base and welcome new companies to our client roster, including Ingenia Communities, Asbestos Injuries Compensation Fund, MGC Pharmaceuticals, CFD & Margin FX Association, Australian Biotechnologies and others.  

We also welcomed two new members to our team: Kathy Lindsay – who brings extensive experience at the highest levels of corporate communications in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia – and Timothy Mantiri – who, as the back page demonstrates, is a political and media man-about-town.

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Thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement.

I hope you enjoy reading edition eight of The Shell, we've enjoyed putting it together for you.