Welcome to the autumn edition of Wells Haslem’s magazine, The Shell.

It’s been a busy six months for Wells Haslem, as we move into our fifth year of operation.

ur team is a vibrant and innovative mix of younger recruits and senior consultants, who all enjoy working on various projects for an interesting and diverse range of clients. We continue our association with our partners in Melbourne, Rob Masters and Associates and InterCaptial Group

This edition is all about change. We review the exciting stories of 2015 before taking a closer look at significant changes that are going to impact our industry in the short and longer terms.

In our lead stories Partner Alexandra Mayhew writes about the ever-changing digital landscape and shares her insights into more effective ways of reaching out to stakeholders. Account Executive Maddison Richards look at the changes influencing the field of Public Relations: What matters in 2016 (and beyond) to business and their clients? Which trends are here to stay? .

Special Counsel Julie Sibraa discusses similarities between the election last year of new British Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn and Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders’ position in the race for the US Presidency. Account Manager Isabelle Walker rates Obama’s influence on gun control in the US and describes how the 2016 elections may change the country’s debate about its gun laws. 

CEO Benjamin Haslem describes the impressive work of the Rapid Relief Team in Tasmania and looks back at their busy and productive year 2015. This wonderful initiative being run by one of our most-trusted clients, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church is expanding rapidly, not just in Australia but across the ditch in New Zealand and in the UK and North America.

We also thank IPREX partner, Susan Davis International in Washington DC for their contribution to this edition. Tom Davis writes about the need for a Geneva Convention equivalent as a way to address cyber warfare – an E-neva Convention.

Notable IPREX partner developments are captured including our latest partner in Casablanca.
In 2016 we will focus on strengthening our relationships with our existing clients. We will also continue to expand, already recently adding to our client base: Chris O’Brien Lifehouse; New South Wales Coastal Alliance; Restaurant and Catering Australia and School for Life

2016 promises to be an exciting year, with the US Presidential and Australian Federal elections poised to occur within in weeks of each other. 

I hope you enjoy reading our seventh edition of The Shell, we've enjoyed putting it together for you.