There are media releases and then there is this smackdown


By Benjamin Haslem

Any media manager worth their salt would usually advise that getting angry in media releases can be counter productive.

It may make you feel better but it won't actually help you achieve your objectives. Especially if you're responding to a group that is advocating something most people would support: the safe and considerate consumption of alcohol.

Not so BrewDog.

As Mashable's Todd Wasserman reports, the Scottish Brewer wrote a withering response after Portman Group, a UK alcohol industry standards group, rejected BrewDog's Dead Pony Club ale on the grounds that the packaging encouraged antisocial behavior and binge drinking.

BrewDog's reply, posted on its blog under the class hashtag #sorrynotsorry, cuts to the chase:

On behalf of BrewDog PLC and its 14,691 individual shareholders, I would like to issue a formal apology to the Portman Group for not giving a shit about today’s ruling. Indeed, we are sorry for never giving a shit about anything the Portman Group has to say, and treating all of its statements with callous indifference and nonchalance.

Unfortunately, the Portman Group is a gloomy gaggle of killjoy jobsworths, funded by navel-gazing international drinks giants. Their raison d’être is to provide a diversion for the true evils of this industry, perpetrated by the gigantic faceless brands that pay their wages. 

Blinkered by this soulless mission, they treat beer drinkers like brain dead zombies and vilify creativity and competition. Therefore, we have never given a second thought to any of the grubby newspeak they disseminate periodically.

You can read the full post here.

I've never met anyone who drinks Dead Pony Club but I suspect they would be the type of soul who would love such a strident response to what, at least in their and BrewDog's minds, are a group of wowsers.

That makes the response a clever piece of viral marketing. What it means for the future of the product, I'm not sure.