Women less healthy than men? More dollars more drinks?

The State Of Our Nations – Facts And Figures From Roy Morgan

By Alexandra Mayhew

Today’s Australian woman, in comparison a man:
1.  Is less healthy
2.  In poorer psychological health
3.  Is less likely to be overweight, but if she is she is more overweight than her male counterpart


In saying this, women think their health is poorer than it is, but you ask a man and odds are he’ll tell you he’s feeling great (even though statistically speaking it’ll be worse than he thinks).

Today, the average Aussie:
1. Is unmarried
2. Lives in a household without children
3. Doesn't smoke
4. Is more likely to undertake personal exercise than organised sport

In comparison to our parents we:
1. Have more progressive views
2. Are more interested in the café culture
3. And drink less (although the wealthier you are, the more you drink!)

What’s concerning is, although our overall health is improving, we are fatter than ever (11 million Australians are overweight by an average of 16.5kg each) and more and more of us are suffering from anxiety (up from 9 per cent in 2007 to 15.6 per cent today).

My recommendation, walk over to a friend, or a colleague, or a stranger, and ask him/or her, if he or she is ok. Offer a hand. Go for a walk. Enjoy life. Be healthy.