The great Mandela dies and a social media marketer fails


By Benjamin Haslem

Most, if not all of us, are mourning the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Like me, you probably posted something on Facebook or Twitter to express your feelings.

I quoted Shakespeare's Hamlet; others great lines from the man himself.

But predictably, a digital marketing fool thought the death of possibly the greatest man to have walked the Earth in the past 100 years was a good opportunity to spruik their employer's product.

Step up Virgin Active Australia."Sadly Nelson Mandela passed away today. A close friend of Richard Branson, he was pivotal in Virgin Active expanding into South Africa, where we now have over 100 health clubs". (Emphasis added)

How can people be so stupid? You would have to be a sociopath. Yet, it seems with almost every death and tragedy, somewhere a social media manager puts the proverbial in their gob.

Unsurprisingly, the backlash has been swift.