Stigma isolates 1 in 2 Australians - New youth mental health charity raising awareness to change lives


By Isabelle Walker

Almost one in two people will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime – a figure which is so staggering it is almost unbelievable. 

Edward Martin believes raising awareness of this statistic will not only encourage more people to become involved in supporting mental health services, but will help to remove the stigma attached to mental health and in turn will encourage those affected by it to seek help. 

This is why the 27 year old created UinMind - a charity committed to youth mental health.

Edward kicked-off his fundraising efforts this Saturday (18 October) in Sydney with all event proceeds going to a reputable mental health provider.

Rob McGeoch AM – whose own family member was affected by depression – was the guest speaker. Mr McGeoch has been instrumental in organising programs in schools and organisations to address mental illness, and stressed the importance of talking about mental health in the community. 

Channel 7 Newsreader Mark Ferguson MCed the event and encouraged people to get involved in the silent auction and to continue their support of the burgeoning charity. 

It was heartening to see such a large group of young professionals support such an important cause. 

I believe UinMind will prove to be an important player in the mission to treat mental illness, and to bring mental health issues to the fore to end the stigma. 

Well done Ed!

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