Internships should be mutually beneficial

By Benjamin Haslem

The future of unpaid internships in Australia is under a cloud, with a Federal Court challenge against sports broadcaster Crocmedia under way.

The company faces fines if Judge Grant Riethmuller finds it breached workplace laws when it employed two interns to produced radio programs.


Wells Haslem paid intern Madeleine Scott-Murphy (pictured) wrote in the last edition of our magazine, The Shell, about the value of interns.

Madeleine argues that internships should be mutually beneficial. 

"The intern should learn new skills and gain experience in their field, while the company will benefit from an extra pair of hands and fresh perspectives on different projects," Madeleine writes.

"If you want your company to get the most out of an intern, offer a paid position. 

"You will attract higher calibre candidates, and be able to get the best person to work on your team. 

"Financial incentive is also a great motivator for productivity – a paid intern will work harder and faster than an unpaid one, and will be more enthusiastic about their work."