Twitter move to mobile design a wakeup call for online marketers

By Benjamin Haslem

Twitter announced this week that it will roll out a new design for its desktop pages, to give users the same experience across smart phone, tablet and PC/Mac.

This should be a wake-up call to those responsible for a business or organisation's online marketing strategy.

Twitter clearly appreciates that, more and more, people are browsing the internet on mobile devices.

If your website doesn't render in a user-friendly way on a smartphone, you are almost certainly missing out on meaningful traffic.

People confronted with a website designed to be read on a 17-inch screen shrunk to microscopic proportions on their iPhone or Android phone are less likely to hang around. 

Why try and navigate around a website that requires all fingers and thumbs when you can go to the competitors' websites that render on mobiles.

You'd be surprised how many company websites are not mobile friendly. Is yours? 

Make mobile a priority.