The media conference isn't over 'til it's over

By Benjamin Haslem

A crucial element of any media conference performance is ensuring you are properly prepared and have practised.

In our media training we stress that clients ensure they are across all the facts and issues; have prepared their key messages and asked colleagues or their communications manager to simulate a few mock press conferences.

Another important thing to remember is that if you have limited time, tell the journalists before hand.

Reporters don't like being told by you when the media conference is over, especially during a crisis. They think that's their call.

Calling time after only a few minutes looks like you're scared, have something to hide and are running away.

Unfortunately, from the video below, Gary Southern, the president of Freedom Industries, wasn't aware of this.

Go to around 5:15 minutes into the video and watch as he tries to duck away, only for a TV Reporter to call him back.

By way of background, Freedom Industries is the company responsible for the West Virginia chemical leak in the United States that contaminated water used by 300,000 local residents.

Expect Gary to be appearing soon in media training programs, along side the hapless Jaymes Diaz and Rick Perry.