Ageing Facebook demographic more relevant for B2B marketing

By Benjamin Haslem

As the graphic above shows clearly, younger people are turning their backs on Facebook, while the oldies are signing up to the social media platform in droves.

As the 13 to 24s head over to Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine, Facebook is losing its image as being just for teenagers (I'd argue anyone who ever thought that didn't get Facebook).

This has significant relevance for B2B marketers who until now may have focussed much of their efforts on the likes of LinkedIn (or "Facebook for grown ups" as a LinkedIn connection once described it to me)


As's Mark Lerner argues: "We are seeing more and more professionals becoming active on Facebook". 

"As a result, Facebook has become fertile ground for B2B marketers to generate leads, and establish potentially beneficial professional relationships," Lerner says.

Until now, Facebook was seen as a platform for one's personal life and less their professional lives (that was for LinkedIn).

But with more and more older professionals (read managers and decision makers) joining Facebook it provides opportunities to develop business networks.

Using both personal and company Facebook profiles to distribute original content is an excellent marketing strategy.

Paid advertisements on Facebook are also targeted at people likely to be interested in your products and Facebook also has groups similar to those on LinkedIn, where people with similar interests congregate.