Social media regrets

If someone published a book full of all the comments you’d left on social media, would you be proud? 

Insights from Intern Maddison Richards

Every 60 seconds there are 510 comments made, 293,000 statuses updated and 136,000 photos uploaded on Facebook (Source: The Social Skinny). Do you remember everything you’ve posted?


Do you find the thought of someone scrolling through your social media history viewing your long-forgotten posts and pictures daunting? Maybe you should.

If you’re Australian, odds are you’re one of the following: 

  • Facebook 13.8 million users
  • Twitter 2.8 million active users
  • Instagram 4 million active users
  • LinkedIn 3.3 million users
  • Tumblr 4.7 million users


Here are a few examples of where tweets on twitter have gone wrong for individuals: 

  • In January 2015 Rupert Murdoch tweeted “Maybe most Muslims peaceful, but until they recognise and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible”
  • In 2011 Triple J Presenter Paul Verrhoeven had to delete tweets and faced losing his job after calling then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, a “whore”
  • In 2010 Wendy Francis, Queensland Senatorial Candidate for the Family First Party, stated “Gay marriage=kids with no mothers or fathers, parent less generation; uncontrollable depression and suicide. Is that the Aust we want?”
  • In 2012 AFL Dane Swan tweeted “Stop sending out drug testers at 6am. It’s starting to Piss me off. What’s wrong with the afternoon? You can’t catch me anyway. Too clever”
  • In 2011 Russell Crowe tweeted “Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that god requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect”
  • In 2010 Danni Minogue was in trouble when she tweeted “Congratulations to Ray Meagher for winning the Gold Logie. I’m so happy for you” before it was even announced at the 2010 Logie Awards

Poor thought-out public comments have the ability to get people into all kinds of trouble.

For example social media now plays a key role in the job search process. Would you be happy if a future employer could see everything you wrote on social media? Many do check social media accounts of potential employees and take what they see into account.

You may not have as many followers or cause much controversy as the users mentioned above but it doesn't mean that what you say on social media won’t come back to bite you.