Who needs an Omnicom or WPP when you belong to a global network of owner-run agencies

Wells Haslem is a member of the IPREX global communications network, through which our clients can access 1,800 staff in 112 offices worldwide.


Michael Schröder, CEO of ORCA Affairs and Global President of IPREX, was quoted recently in New Business, the influential German communications magazine for agencies and clients.

Michael was asked to comment on  networks versus owner-run companies and pointed to a third model: international agency networks consisting of owner-run agencies.
"For many agencies worldwide, belonging to a communications holding (company) such as Omnicom, WPP or Havas is not necessary since networks of owner-run agencies such as IPREX offer the same advantages. The core question is: how can agencies do justice to the growing demand of international expertise? What does my agency, what do my employees and my clients need? I would even ask: what is the essence of my agency work? Is it to increase the shareholder value of my owner, is it to constantly keep an eye on my holding or is it my clients’ success? 
"This is where international networks of owner-run agencies such as IPREX enter the picture. The mission is committing to the value of successful and efficient state-of-the-art communication on the highest level. It is not to create dependencies for the agency and its clients. 
"In a holding (company), the struggle between the different international member agencies for the shareholders’ favour is not necessarily in favour of the client. 
"For networks of owner-run agencies, the opposite is the case: the cooperation in IPREX between 69 partner agencies with 112 offices in 36 countries is not marked by shareholder values or dominance. The network reflects the DNA of the member agencies:  independence, entrepreneurship, quality, trust and flexibility. These values make us partners on a par with our clients. We are global, but are not subject to the negative management effects of globalization. 
"Networks such as IPREX are a platform constantly shaped and designed by its members."