Our guide to the Facebook news feed changes

Facebook recently announced it will be rolling out changes to its algorithm, favouring content from friends and family over public pages. Stav Pisk explores how organisations can use the changes to their advantage. 

The Facebook news feed algorithm has changed significantly since the platform first launched. Time after time, organisations and individuals alike have adapted to the changes.

The latest version of the algorithm, however, could leave organisations scratching their heads as they look to adapt their social media strategy.



Facebook announced that it will be going back to its roots – a social network that connects friends and family with content that matters to them.

CEO and Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said Facebook users should expect to see less content from organisations, brands and the media, and more from friends, family, and groups.

Not only will the new Facebook news feed prioritise friends and family, it will also prioritise content posted on public pages that “create meaningful interactions between people”.

So, what does this mean for the organisations, brands, and media outlets that have invested time and money in creating a Facebook strategy?

Get to know your followers
You might think you know what your followers want to see – but how much do you really know about them?

Get to know your followers by asking them what type of content they want to see, whether it be through a poll, a Facebook Live session or a simple post.

You will be able to see what those who are engaged with your content want to see and change your strategy accordingly.

Ask and you shall receive
Since the announcement, organisations and brands have been directly asking followers to seek their content in different ways.

From going to their owned channels (such as websites and apps) to asking followers to go to their Facebook pages and click “See First” – brands and organisations have placed trust in their followers to go out of their way to view their content.

Engaging content or nothing
Since Facebook will now prioritise content that creates meaningful interactions, your content must be genuinely engaging.

This means no more clickbait, less memes, and more thought-provoking content.

If you give your followers a reason to engage with your content, they will – don’t post just for the sake of posting.

Zuckerberg said that although there are tight-knit communities on Facebook and news that generates conversations on important issues, “passive experiences” (reading news, watching videos, reading through page updates) are still a major part of the Facebook experience.

The announcement made one thing clear: the news feed will showcase more content from pages and groups whose audiences are not only engaged, but also authentic.

It is probable the algorithm will favour content like Facebook Live as it creates the considered two-way dialogue Facebook believes is currently missing.

Money talks
It does not appear that sponsored posts, or Facebook advertising, will be affected by the new algorithm.

Facebook’s advertising capabilities continue to be some of the best – if not the best – as far as social media goes.

Paid content could be one of the most successful ways to get into people’s news feeds, and having a considered and highly targeted Facebook advertising strategy will be essential.

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