The budget will be on-track to a believable surplus (end of Term One).

There will be $17 billion in sensible savings.

There will be no new spending that’s not fully-costed and fully-funded. 

There will be a paid parental leave scheme in place.

Operation Sovereign Borders will commence.

The humanitarian migrant intake will be capped until it is no longer being filled by people smugglers.

Legislation to abolish the carbon tax and to abolish the mining tax will be in the Parliament (less than 100 hundred days).

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation will cease making non-commercial loans with taxpayers’ money.

The superannuation guarantee levy will be delayed.

The NBN will have a new business plan to ensure every household gains five times the current broadband speeds (for $60 billion less than Labor’s) (within three years).

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will be operating in large parts of every state.

The Australian Building and Construction Commission will be running again.

The commonwealth public sector payroll will be trimmed by 12,000 through natural attrition.

The WestConnex in Sydney, the East West Link in Melbourne, the Gateway Upgrade in Brisbane, the North South Road in Adelaide, and the Swan Bypass in Perth will be underway.

The motor industry will be saved from a $1.8 billion tax on company cars.

A standing Green Army, rising to be 15,000 strong, will be working with councils, farmers and volunteers to clean up our polluted waterways and restore degraded bush.

The school kids’ bonus will be ceased.

Rising teacher standards and improved teaching programs (term one).

Apprentices will have access to a $20,000 loan to complete a trade.

The low income super offset will be discontinued.

People who are capable of working will be working, preferably for a wage but if not, for the dole.

Index eligibility thresholds for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card will commence.

An additional $200 million will be committed to dementia research.